Windy City Downwind

Wellingtons premier downwind paddling event featuring surfski, SUP and Waka-Ama categories and proudly part of the Darcy Price NZ Ocean Surfski Series.

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Date: 30th October 2021 - 11:30am race briefing.

  • 10:00am Registration and Safety Checks Open
  • 11:30am Race breifing (compolsary)
  • 12:15am Mass start - all categories.


Safety Information

We have 5 safety boats out on the water to support 60 odd paddlers.

You need to take responsibility for yourself and provide all of your own safety equipment. There will be safety checks for all vessels before you put on. You will not be able to race with out all the appropriate safety equipment on this checklistbelow.


  • Leash - You are no good if your canoe, with all your safety equipment floats away from you. Use it! It is a water start and finish so no excuse.
  • Cell phone – You must have a cellphone with SafeTRX installed and enabled. Make sure it is fully charged and that you have the safety director’s number.
  • 2nd form of comms - whistle, flare, vhf radio or PLB
  • Life vest - Must be worn - its no good attached to your boat
  • Spare paddle - Waka only.You can’t do much with a broken one or if it floats away after aflip. Ski’s and Sups are welcome to take a spare if you can, but this is not compulsory.
  • Bailer or Foot pump - Cockpit Ocs only. It is no fun watching your mates surf past you or have your canoe snap in half because you are too full of water. Keep it dry!


  • VHF Radio - Make sure it is fully charged and set to Channel 74.
  • Extra clothing - Wellingtons harbor is cold in October, if you come out of your boat you will have 30mins before hypothermia kicks in.
  • Whistle - Great to let those around you know that you need help. It’s a big ocean and it gets even bigger really quick.
  • Flare – Great to attract attention.

Everyone is required to fill in and sign their own Assessment of risk & Release of liability - Entry Form,accepting their own responsibility for being on the water on the day and acknowledging that they are competent in the conditions before them.

Course Options:

The prevelant wind in October in Wellington is Northerly - often referred to as the "Spring Northerlies" provide great innner harbour downwind conditions.

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Entry Information:

Early Bird Pricing (Before 3rd October):

  • U23   $10 (Short or Long Course)
  • Open $50 (Short or Long Course)

Late Entry Pricing (4th - 30th October):

  • U23   $20 (Short or Long Course)
  • Open $90 (Short or Long Course)

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Prize Categories - prizes will be awarded for short and long course in the following categories:

Waka Ama Categories

  1. Waka single - Open
  2. Waka single - Masters
  3. Waka double

Surf Ski Categories

  1. Elite surfskis < 45cms wide
  2. Intermediate surfskis 45 - 49.99cm wide
    Includes SLS Spec Skis
  3. Solid surfskis > 50cm wide
  4. Double surfskis

Recreational Category

The recreational category is for people who love the sport of downwind but arn't so much into racing and want to utalise the safety boats and comfort of paddling in numbers.

The recreational category will get all the benefits of taking part in the event but will get to start without the pressure of a gun going off and won't have thier finish time recorded.


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