SafeTRX Setup

SafeTRX Info

The use of SafeTrx by our competitors is an integral part of our safety plan. It is mandatory that all competitors carry a mobile phone (as outlined in the Rules and Equipment). With competitors being spread out over a large area during ocean racing identifying and locating paddlers requiring assistance can pose a challenge. SafeTrx assists in keeping everyone safe by enabling race organisers (and the public) to track the location of each competitor via a ‘Flotilla Tracker’. If race management detects via the SafeTrx flotilla tracker that the forward movement of a competitor has stopped, they can radio one of the safety boats to direct them to your location to check on your well-being regardless of whether you have called for assistance or not.

Installing SafeTRX

SafeTrx is a Smartphone App for both Android & Apple iOS devices that allows you to have your journey recorded and monitored by race organisers ( and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard if needed).  Locate, download and install the Coast Guard SafeTrx App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.Take care to install the Australian Coast Guard version as shown and ensure all permissions requested during the installation are granted.

During the Race

Competitors will carry their personal mobile phone in a waterproof pouch during the race using the SafeTrx app Flotilla event function.

In addition to carrying a mobile phone running SafeTrx – competitors must adhere to the safety equipment requirements outlined at


Download detailed instructions here