Windy City FAQs


How do I signal for help?
Click the emergency button on the SafeTRX app or trigger your alternative communication device.
Raise 1 hand in the air to notify the safety boat you require help.

What actions should I take if I see someone capsized near me?
Stop and check they are ok – if they are not then signal to one of the safety boats using the above method.

Why a mass start and why do we have to go to the inside of the buoy at Scorching Bay?
A main danger of this race is crossing the shipping lane, both of these measures are designed to get the group crossing the shipping lane in as a condensed group. We need to notify the harbour master both before and after everyone has crossed the shipping lane.

What hazards to be aware of?

  • Start line, submerged rocks 200 – 300m on the right hand side from the start line.
  • Point Gordon – do get too close the point – stay out by the buoy
  • Steeple rock – don’t get too close
  • Gap from finish to Tarakena bay ramp – take your time going through here.


  • Keep an eye out for these.
  • Blue bridge is due to arrive at 11:30am – if late keep an eye out.
  • If you are getting close aim for the back of the ferry and go around it, it moves a lot quicker than it looks.

What VHF channel will the support boats be using?
Channel 74 or channel 16 in an emergency.

What side does the sticker go on?
Front right hand side – it needs to be above the water line.

Is there a shuttle for dry gear from start to finish?
Yes – talk to the race organisers on the day.

What time does the tide change – how will effect the course?
High Tide 12:46pm, Low Tide 7:02pm.
Outgoing tide will assist paddlers in getting to the finish line however it also adds a risk with the tide going out of the harbour and pushing paddlers out to sea.

The outgoing tide will also flatten out the waves a little.

What colour/size are the buoys?
Motorway buoy is a small orange one – look for the white light house in the cliff, the buoy will be close to that.
The scorching bay and finish line buoys will be large (1m high) triangle red/orange buoys.

Getting your boat out looks hard – what advice can you offer?
Head through the reef to the Tarakina Bay boat ramp – watch out for rocks going through, take your time.
At the boat ramp don’t dawdle – there will be lots of cars and boats so once loaded go park somewhere else and meet at Waitangi Memorial Park for prize giving.